Nouvelle collection en ligne - Worldwide shipping 🌍
Nouvelle collection en ligne - Worldwide shipping 🌍
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Grace et Rose was created in 2014 by Charlotte, a Breton who fell in love with the south of France.

Charlotte is self-taught, she imagines and creates her collections with love, in her workshop in Hyères.

All our collections start with an inspiration: a color, a place, an atmosphere that we want to transcribe in our jewelry.

Our jewels are all designed in the workshop and then each drawing is transcribed on a computer: the goal is to create the mold and the first brass piece.

The molding is carried out by workshops with which we have been working for years, all certified with EU standards.
Our goal is to produce well, favoring craftsmanship and short supply chains.

Our brass pieces are then carefully gilded by a French workshop. All of our plating is made with 18k gold and has a gold thickness of 3 microns.

The assembly of parts, hammering and punching are carried out in our workshop in Hyères. Each part is meticulously checked and assembled by us.

Beside that, we work with artisans from all over the world:

  • Jivan supplies us with our beautiful stones from India,
  • Wahah, our craftsman in Bali with whom we have been working for 6 years, sculpts all our pieces in mother of pearl and horn.

Our collections are made with a lot of love. We are proud of the workshops we work with.
Our goal is to produce well, favor craftsmanship, at fair prices. Our jewelry is created with high standards and thought to last over time.